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Cross-Border Busines Tax Assistance In Canada

Just like the ever-changing modern economy, Tax compliance is a constantly modifying subject. In an effort to keep up with the drift, you must be well-aware of all the taxation policies. Make sure you are complaint with the current tax laws across Canada to avoid penalties or paying more taxable amount than required.

Sometimes, this taxation process becomes a lengthy and complex one. To protect your business, consider outsourcing your corporate tax duties to Bouchard & Co. Our services include sales tax compliance, sales tax consulting, and tax audit assistance.

Between U.S. and Canada, exists a cross-border tax treaty to address all taxation issues amongst the two countries. Also, the CRA (Sales Tax Audit Assistance) oversees and controls varies tax statutes in Canada. The Canada-United States Income Tax Convention help prevent double taxation and improves the cooperation between the countries.

Our tax consultants at Bouchard & Co have the right expertise in helping small and medium-sized businesses permit smoothly through complexities of sales and taxes. Our solutions tailor to your specific taxation needs. Give us a call or email to discuss business taxes in detail.

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