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We Offer Consulting and Succession Planning Services in Surrey

Small business owners are highly benefitted on consulting a CPA professional. And, who can be a better choice than Bouchard & Co, considering our 40+ years of expertise in this field. Our advice help emerging businesses on diverse facets of, and Succession Planning is one of those. Connect with our CPA professionals and discover new-edge in Succession Planning, equipped with modernization.

Bouchard & Co mainly focusses on increasing your revenue and expanding your profit margin, by controlling business cost and improving your cash position. Over the years, we have helped thousands of Surrey-based clients with strategic planning, business valuations, transition planning, and business transactions.


Business Succession is a vital decision for any company. Legal, financial, technical, and emotional aspects are deeply evaluated during this process. On Succession Planning, a company’s success and longevity depends. The same should be then well-communicated with the stakeholders.

The transition decision as made largely influence the stakeholders, employees, and customers, each of who are involved in the business. At Bouchard & Co, we offer insightful and judicious Succession Planning for small and medium-sized businesses, based in Surrey. Our professionals listen to your requirements, understand your business, and finally prepare a Succession Plan that makes your business stronger and keeps it protected in the future.

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