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Accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes are all critical to your financial success. Unfortunately, they require ample time and meticulous attention to handle correctly. For more than 45 years, Bouchard & Company has provided businesses and individuals in Surrey and the surrounding Area with experienced accounting, bookkeeping, and tax services they can trust.

At Bouchard & Company, one of the hallmarks of our business is providing a large company's level of service with the one-on-one attention of a small firm. Our firm is excited to meet you and customize our offerings to fit your unique needs. Contact us today!

We pride ourselves on our ability to create a tailored package to fit your accounting, bookkeeping, and tax needs in Surrey, BC & surrounding areas. Our accountants take the time to discuss your financial goals and thoughtfully determine which of our services would put you in the best position to reach them. Additionally, we love answering questions and encourage you to ask them.

Our team has extensive experience providing convenient and flexible cloud accounting solutions. We offer all our services virtually, and we are also happy to meet with you in person. Our services include, but are not limited to:

- Cross Border Personal & Corporate Tax - USA & Canada

- Payroll Processing & Employee Benefits

- Tax Planning, Filing & Personal Taxation

- HST Filing

- Corporate Taxation

Our Personalized Services

- Accounting Software Consultancy

- Incorporation/Business Registration

- Part Time Controller/CFO Advisory

- Business Planning For Growth

​- What Is QuickBooks Online Accounting Software?

- QuickBooks Online & Desktop Software Advising

- Bookkeeping for Small Business

Cross-Border Personal & Corporate Tax Assistance - USA & Canada

Just like the ever-changing modern economy, Tax compliance is a constantly modifying subject. In an effort to keep up with the drift, you must be well-aware of all the taxation policies. Make sure you are complaint with the current tax laws across Canada to avoid penalties or paying more taxable amount than required.

Sometimes, this taxation process becomes a lengthy and complex one. To protect your business, consider outsourcing your corporate tax duties to Bouchard & Co. Our services include sales tax compliance, sales tax consulting, and tax audit assistance.

Between U.S. and Canada, exists a cross-border tax treaty to address all taxation issues amongst the two countries. Also, the CRA (Sales Tax Audit Assistance) oversees and controls varies tax statutes in Canada. The Canada-United States Income Tax Convention help prevent double taxation and improves the cooperation between the countries.

Our tax consultants at Bouchard & Co have the right expertise in helping small and medium-sized businesses permit smoothly through complexities of sales and taxes. Our solutions tailor to your specific taxation needs. Give us a call or email to discuss business taxes in detail.



Bouchard & Co is a small business advisor in Surrey that help startups and growing businesses flourish financially. Our goal is to provide accurate accounting assistance so that you get an overall insight of your transactions. With our support, cash flow of your business improves, profitability increases, and you get maximum tax return.

We understand how small businesses lack CPA staff and walk in the path of failure. In that scenarios, we serve as a great resource. Our diligent and on-time backup help grow small and medium sized businesses into successful enterprises.

Professionals at Bouchard & Co maintain high-standards in accounting service and tax consultation service. Our experienced consultants help you with accounting and bookkeeping, annual financial statements, succession planning, payroll services, reorganizations and much more. You can call us for any type of individual and business financial emergencies.

Bouchard & Co team enjoys handling complex accounting and taxation concerns. We are also able to help with personal tax assistance, trust and estate planning. Our service caters to Canadians and also US citizens living in Canada. Feel free to connect with our experienced consultants anytime.

Accountants in Surrey that you can trust

Catering to clients’ needs since 1977 across Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley. We help individuals and businesses meet their accounting and taxation goals. Bouchard & Co provides professional accounting services in Surrey. Our advice helps small and medium-sized businesses maintain accurate business books and accounts. We ensure all your financial reporting needs are met properly.






Address:- Scottsdale Square Business Centre, #250, 7164 - 120th Street Surrey, BC V3W 3M8

Service Areas:- Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

Tel:  (604) 591-3193

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