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Your Local Accounting Firm in Surrey

Bringing over 45 years of significant knowledge, Bouchard & Company is your reliable partner in accounting excellence. Our Surrey, British Columbia-based company is dedicated to providing top-notch financial services, with a focus on tax, bookkeeping, payroll administration, and cross-border tax solutions. Our seasoned team of professionals boasts a thorough awareness of the ever-evolving tax landscape, ensuring that our clients receive expert assistance suited to their individual financial situations. Bouchard & Company has the experience to help, whether you're an individual looking for individualized tax preparation or a business navigating the challenges of international operations.

Our devoted group of skilled accountants is committed to providing unmatched financial services that are customized to your specific requirements. We go above and beyond the numbers to deliver comprehensive solutions that propel your success, from professional tax planning and preparation to strategic financial consulting. We put a high priority on knowing your financial objectives through a client-centric approach, guaranteeing individualized and successful plans. At Bouchard & Company, we work hard to achieve excellence in all facets of accounting, providing professional and knowledgeable assistance to both individuals and companies. Visit Bouchard & Company in Surrey to see the impact that superior accounting can have on you.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

- Cross Border Personal & Corporate Tax - USA & Canada

- Payroll Processing & Employee Benefits

- Tax Planning, Filing & Personal Taxation

- PST Filing

- Corporate Taxation

Our Personalized Accounting Services in Surrey

- Accounting Software Consultancy

- Incorporation/Business Registration

- Part Time Controller/CFO Advisory

- Business Planning For Growth

​- What Is QuickBooks Online Accounting Software?

- QuickBooks Online & Desktop Software Advising

- Bookkeeping for Small Business

Cross-Border Tax Service in Surrey.

With Bouchard & Company in Surrey, BC, your go-to partner for Cross-Border Personal & Corporate Tax Assistance between the USA and Canada, start your smooth financial trip across borders. A specialized strategy is necessary to navigate the complex world of cross-border taxation, and we are committed to offering both people and organizations customized solutions. Our extensive services are intended to guarantee compliance and optimize your financial efficiency, regardless of whether you are an expatriate, a business owner, or a professional with financial interests on both sides of the border.

Businesses and people involved in cross-border operations can take advantage of our expert corporate tax advice. We assist you in navigating the complex web of foreign tax laws, from strategic planning to compliance. Our expertise allows you to focus on your business operations, confident that your tax obligations are being managed effectively.



Bouchard & Co is a small business advisor in Surrey that help startups and growing businesses flourish financially. Our goal is to provide accurate accounting assistance so that you get an overall insight of your transactions. With our support, cash flow of your business improves, profitability increases, and you get maximum tax return.

We understand how small businesses lack CPA staff and walk in the path of failure. In that scenarios, we serve as a great resource. Our diligent and on-time backup help grow small and medium sized businesses into successful enterprises.

Professionals at Bouchard & Co maintain high-standards in accounting service and tax consultation service. Our experienced consultants help you with accounting and bookkeeping, annual financial statements, succession planning, payroll services, reorganizations and much more. You can call us for any type of individual and business financial emergencies.

Bouchard & Co team enjoys handling complex accounting and taxation concerns. We are also able to help with personal tax assistance, trust and estate planning. Our service caters to Canadians and also US citizens living in Canada. Feel free to connect with our experienced consultants anytime.

Trusted Accountants in Surrey.

Bouchard & Company has been providing accounting services in Surrey, BC for more than 40 years. The company has been serving the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area since 1977. Our reputation as trustworthy accountants has been cemented by our unwavering dedication to quality, honesty, and individualized service. Selecting Bouchard & Company gives you access to a team of people that sincerely care about your business and a wealth of knowledge. Give the statistics to us so you can concentrate on managing your business and having peace of mind, which is what you do best. Experience the difference that knowledge and trust can make by working with Bouchard & Company, your dependable source for Surrey accountants since 1977.



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Q: How much is tax in Surrey BC?

A: In British Columbia, the tax rate ranges from 5.06% to 20.5% of income, with federal and provincial tax rates ranging from 20.06% to 53.5%. British Columbia's marginal tax rate increases as your income increases, so you pay higher taxes at income levels that are in a higher tax bracket.

Q: How to calculate tax in BC.?

A: British Columbia tax is calculated based on federal and provincial taxes. 20.06% is the federal tax and 53.5% is the provincial tax that citizens have to pay. These are lower and higher tax brackets.

Q: How much is GST in BC ?

A: British Columbia is one of the Canadian provinces that levies a separate provincial sales tax (PST) of 7 percent and a federal goods and services tax (GST) of 5 percent. Most goods and services are subject to both taxes, with several exceptions.

Q: Do you pay GST on a used house in BC? ?

A: The sale of a used owner-occupied home is usually tax-free. In most cases, the GST/HST does not apply to the sale of an owner-occupied home because the owner is not the builder.

Address:- Scottsdale Square Business Centre, #250, 7164 - 120th Street Surrey, BC V3W 3M8

Service Areas:- Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

Tel:  (604) 591-3193

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